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Stop loss level reached

The stop loss level of this product was reached on Thu 27 Feb 2020 and can no longer be traded. The redemption value is: 0.56.

S&P 500 Mini-Long

Copy Valor
Stop loss (USD)
Financing level (USD)

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Price information

The calculator for this product is disabled because the stop-loss level of this product has been reached.

The published bid and ask prices on our website are indicative bid and ask prices of BNP Paribas. These prices may differ from the current (bid and ask) prices on SIX Swiss Exchange. In addition, this website does not display any (bid and ask) prices of other parties. For current (bid and ask) prices, consult the order book of your price information system, or contact your bank or broker. BNP Paribas is in no way liable for greatly delayed or incorrect (price) information on our website. * Closing price is the average of the last bid and ask price of BNP Paribas during a day. ** Based on the highest or lowest price published on this website during the day. For more information, read the general brochure and the product documentation or call us on 058 212 6850.

Underlying currency
Product currency
Issue date
13 Jan. 2020
Open end
Underlying type
Stop loss reset date
1st of the month
Financing costs
6.10 %
% until stop loss
Swiss DOTS
8:00 - 22:00
SSPA class

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