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PostFinance Trade Sponsoring

Trade now at even lower cost with PostFinance

PostFinance customers trade all Swiss DOTS products from
BNP Paribas with 40% discount on the brokerage fee*

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Over 12'000 leverage products tradeable with 40% discount*

With Warrants, Knock-Out Warrants and Mini-Futures one can benefit from short term market trends with a modest capital outlay, be it in rising as well as falling markets. Additionally, these products offer a simple and cost-effective possibility to hedge an existing portfolio against declining prices.

You can find all Swiss DOTS products on this website and on the PostFinance E-trading platform.

Trade even faster: by clicking the "trade" button (shopping cart icon in the search results list or on any product detail page) you get automatically redirected to the corresponding product page on the PostFinance E-trading platform.**

In case of questions regarding this offer or our products and services, please contact us by sending an email to or by phone at 058 212 68 50.

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